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Funeral and Memorial Services


The thought of putting together a memorial service is a daunting task for anyone. If you find yourself planning a funeral or memorial service for your loved one, you have a million things on your mind right now. First, there's a whole lot of things to do and important decisions to make. All of these things are happening and all you probably want is some quiet time to process your thoughts and feelings.


We understand that the idea of planning a memorial service for your loved one probably leaves you with a blank stare on your face. You don't know where to begin. What is involved? What should be said? How can I do this the way he/she would have wanted?


Since your visiting this page, we can assure you, you've taken the first step and can breathe a sigh of relief. We're here for you. Hand the keys to South Jersey Officiants and know that your loved one will receive the memorial service that is fitting for thier life.


You only get one shot to get this right. Place your trust in our team. We guarantee a service that is a fitting tribute to the person that you love. We don't throw around the word guarantee lightly, but we stand by it.


Memorial Services:
  • Funeral / Memorial Ceremonies.

  • Graveside Ceremonies.

  • Scattering of Ashes.

  • Pet Memorials

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